jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012

The very first international post in The Seven Of Ciencias!

Hi, guys! The other day, ¡Daniel! uploaded to a famous Spanish social network this photo:

This map represents all the visitors that TheSoc has ever had, and I must admit that I shocked when I saw it!
The amount of visitors that we have all over the world it's simply amazing and I just wanted to thank you all for reading us even when this blog isn’t in your mother tongue!

I’m so proud of being a member of this incredible proyect [even though I don’t post too often, sorry :( ] and I hope you keep visiting us as you've been doing from the beginning!

Finally, if you have some questions, queries, doubts, advices, ideas or whatever you wanna tell us, all comments will be well greeted and taken into consideration!

Thanks for being awesome as f**k and helping us making this blog legen…wait for it…DARY! :D


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